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  • humans

  • furries

  • ferals


  • NSFW content

  • mecha/robots/automatons

  • racist/hate-promotion content

  • [ Accepted Method(s) of Payment ] As of right now, I only accept PayPal and DeviantART Points ($1 USD = 100 points). I do not accept any in-game items unless I offer the choice, myself.

  • [ Pricing & Tips ] My prices are low because I want my commissions to be affordable and flexible! I will not lower my prices any further unless I offer the discount. If you would like to tip me, my Ko-Fi is open and available! (I offer a free bust drawing for every three Ko-Fis there!)

  • [ Usage of my Artwork ] You, THE COMMISSIONER, are able to do whatever you'd like with it! You can use it for commercial purposes or just plain personal reasons. However, you may not claim that you "made the image". Please give me credit when you are able to! It'd help me a lot since I am a freelancing artist. Me, THE ARTIST, would like the ability to showcase any art I've drawn in a portfolio. This is totally optional, but will be something I'll naturally assume! If you would like me to NOT use your art in my portfolio however, please do tell me!

  • [ Deadlines ] My general turnaround time is 1 month! However, if I can get it done sooner, I will! This is because I am taking in account any emergencies so that we do not have to push deadlines frequently. I do ask for patience and leniency. I am a student with my education as a first priority. Freelancing is a job for me to be able to buy food and such as I attend college. I promise I will do the best of my ability to get your commission done on any decided date, but just please be aware that if anything comes up in my family or school, they will take first priority. Rest assured, no extension of deadlines will happen without your knowledge! I will communicate with you as much as possible so that you are always in the know with how your commission is coming along and we will be able to discuss new deadlines.





If you can't find something you want or to discuss about a custom project, feel free to email me so that we can talk about details and pricing!


  • Family & Close Friends - 25% off on all commissions!

  • Referral - If you were referred by a friend, you can receive a 10% discount on your order! Be sure to mention their name. They must be someone that already ordered from me, as well.

  • Hecking Chonker - 15% off on your entire order if you order a total of 4 or more pieces!

  • OwO What's this? - 20% off your commission if it doesn't have an example art!

For momentary sales and discounts, be sure to follow my Twitter account down below! They won't happen very often so you will need to keep a close look-out.